Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WonHundred Word Wednesday: The Curse

Hey readers! It's been a while, but with a new year, I want to work on my writing and these prompts help me out a lot. Plus they are lots of fun! Here's this weeks' prompt, I hope you enjoy it!

The prompt: The whole family had been cursed since

My story:

Annia looked out over the graveyard. She clutched the medallion in one hand, an ancient sword in the other. One task left, and she would be free. Her whole family had been cursed since her ancestor stole the medallion centuries ago. The price grew higher with each passing generation, and Annia was ready to end it once and for all. The journey had been long and hard. But now, all she had to do was return the medallion to its proper place in the crypt. If only it were that easy. She gripped the sword tightly, stepping into the shadows.

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  1. Great story! If only it were that easy . . . I wonder what she'll have go do.