Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Meet on the bridge

Hey readers! This weeks' 100 word story was tough! I wanted to write so much more! Some day I may have to turn this into a longer story. It's crazy how much I love these characters already even though I only know 100 or so words of their story. Anyway, here is a little taste to get you interested before I (some day) write the rest. :) We're stepping back in time again and country hopping to England, 1809.

The prompt: Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.

My story:

Caroline’s breath clouded in the air as she laughed at the note Christopher had sent her. 'Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.' As if she was foolish enough to bring someone along. Her feet trod the well-known path to the bridge where they had met on more than one occasion. 

“So sorry I’m late,” she called, laughing still.

He turned towards her, an intensity in his usually lazy gaze, making her heart race.

“I have a question for you,” he said.

A deep voice called from behind. “I have a few questions of my own.”

She whipped around, terrified. “Father!”

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WonHundred Word Wednesday: The natives

Happy Wednesday, readers! Here we have another flash fiction for you.

The prompt: It was a freezing night when the natives took up arms.

My story:

It was a freezing night when the natives took up arms. To be honest, we’d been half expecting it, but we’d never suspected the terror that would ensue. They led a clever attack, waiting until only moments after we’d drifted to sleep, secure in our warm bed. They sent the youngest to the battle lines first, her tiny wail piercing the midnight air. Brother and sister alike joined her call, their energy unprecedented, their demands endless, refusing consolation. For hours, relentless cries destroyed our peace.
I collapsed beside my husband, tearful and exhausted. “Why won’t they just go to sleep!?”

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Forgotten name

Hello readers! Welcome to Wednesday! Here's a 100 word story to get your day going. 

The prompt: Even I have forgotten my name

My Story:

I never believed in the curse, but I do now. Four words, muttered in moonlight. Forever tied, until remembered. I was a free soul, a roamer, chained to nothing and no one, making memories every day. Until the day I died. I awoke here, unable to leave, unable to rest. I’ve been here so long, even I have forgotten my name. Only reading it on my headstone each day reminds me. One visitor is all it will take to break the curse, to release me. One person who remembers me, loves me. Yet here I wait, and no one comes.

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Happy reading!