Roselund Heights

Welcome to Roselund Heights! Get lost in the romance that unfolds in this beautiful seaside town.

Healing Hearts (Roselund Heights book 1)

Joanna Leighton has never desired a husband. She’s seen what love can do to a person and she refuses to subject herself to that pain. She’s satisfied to help her uncle, the physician of Roselund Heights, tend to his patients. When the quiet and secretive Colin Aldridge moves to town her resolve softens, and she begins to wonder if love is perhaps worth the pain it inevitably brings. Joanna’s wounds run deep and when secrets and sorrows arise, she’s tempted to close off her heart forever. Can she trust Mr. Aldridge enough to risk the pain and give him her heart? Or will she decide she's better off spending her life alone?

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Forgotten Friend (A Roselund Heights novella)

Coralyn Fairchild desires nothing more than to leave London, her mother’s rules, and the tedious suitors her mother insists she associate with. After years of refusal, her parents have finally allowed her to visit her relatives in Roselund Heights, where she spent the most joyful days of her youth. Her prospect of a happy Christmas holiday is only increased when she is reunited with her childhood friend, Christopher. Though their connection is tested by more than the changes of the past years, they are able to rekindle their friendship, and a spark ignites between them. But when her most determined suitor from London arrives in Roselund Heights, Coralyn fears she may be forced into the arms of a man she secretly fears, and lose Christopher forever.

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