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The Story behind the Story

I had the idea for Circumstance so long ago, I don't even remember how it started. I started writing it in High School, and started with just a few scene snippets. I actually started at the end, interestingly enough, with a run in between two characters. But I didn't have much to go on then. I took some creative writing classes through college and the idea came back to me from time to time, but there were so many questions that needed to be answered. Unfortunately, I had some serious cases of writer's block and I could not come up with ideas that felt right for my story. So I would brush it aside, focus on something else, and forget about it for a while. 

Then, in September 2008, I was getting ready for work one morning, same as any other day. I was taking a shower and suddenly the idea popped back into my head. Nothing too unusual, that had happened several times before. I thought about the plot, the questions, the unresolved problems. Only this time, as soon as I thought of the questions, the answers came right after. For the first time, the unknown was known. I was so excited! I wanted to sit down and write, but I had to hurry off to work. Luckily, I was working at a pizza place and it was not a job that required lots of brain power, and while I worked I thought more about my story. Even while I worked, I was able to come up with more answers, more twists to the story, more great conversations. I jotted down ideas on the back of our pizza order forms, so I wouldn't forget. That night I started writing, I felt like someone was pouring a pitcher full of ideas into my head. Writing never felt so good!

I kept it up for 2 months, writing when I could around my full time job. Then came the move from Idaho to Utah and my first hiatus from my story. We ended up having to pack most of our stuff within about two weeks, then we were "homeless" for a week as we drove all across the Salt Lake Valley looking for a place to live. Thank goodness for my Grandma and her husband who were kind enough to let us stay with them during our time of need. Finally we found home, just over a week before Christmas. Right after Christmas I had to dive into looking for a job, and so my writing was set aside a little longer. I finally started writing again so I could send some chapters to my mom for her birthday and I got hooked.

I wrote and wrote, taking one more long break to plan some big summer activities before setting a goal to finish my first drafts one year after I had started. Those last few weeks, I did little but sleep, work and write. My husband thought I was little more than crazy, but liked to see how into my story I got. I barely made my cutoff. I stayed up late that night, finishing off the last chapter. As I wrote the words "The End" I started crying, I couldn't help it! I had accomplished a huge goal, something I hadn't done in a long time. I knew I still had a lot of work to go, but I was so excited with how far I had come.

The next few years I faced discouragement, lots of rewriting, lots of studying and some criticism. I have had great support though and that has been what pulls me through the tough times.  My advice for those who want to write a book, is just do it! You are never going to get anywhere until you start. Once you start, keep it up! Find a good support system and let them help you and support you.
Throughout this process I felt truly inspired all along the way. That inspiration has been a huge part of what has pushed me forward when I really didn't want to move. I have been truly blessed and can't wait to share my story with you all!

Thanks for reading!

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