Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WonHundred Word Wednesday: When she opened the door

At last! I'm caught up (with recent prompts anyway) and have a wonderful story for you this week. And as a bonus you get to read my brother's take on the prompt too! Here we go!

The prompt: When she opened the door, she wished

My story: 

A knock roused Sage from her thoughts. A glance at the clock told her it was late and she should’ve been up hours ago. But heartbreak makes you do things like stay in bed all morning and eat chocolate all night. She’d been so sure of her future, so sure he’d want her forever. Being wrong had never hurt more.

When she opened the door, she wished she’d at least gotten dressed. She could see her own sadness reflected in his eyes. Without a word he reached for her, smothering her pain with a kiss full of apologies and promise.

Corey's story: 

She pulled the keys out of the ignition, hands sweating. What am I going to tell him? She sat in the car for a few moments, trying and failing to dispel her nerves.

Well…it’s not going to get better if I wait longer.

She finally left the car and walked, almost trembling, to the house. She took a steadying breath, then grabbed the doorknob and twisted.

When she opened the door, she wished she were anywhere else. He looked right into her eyes with a look of anger and disappointment.

He knows.

She looked down. “I got a speeding ticket.”

For some reason, his story makes me think of our little sister. :) Not that's she's ever had a speeding ticket, but still.
As always, make sure you check out the other stories! Enjoy!

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