Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WonHundred Word Wednesday: The attack

It's Wednesday!! Here's my newest 100 word story, and the prompt is a great one!

The prompt: The attack was over in seconds

My story:

It hit hard, completely blindsiding her. A tidal wave brought on by the smallest pebble dropped into the pool of desire.

The attack was over in seconds, but once she started she found it impossible to stop. Weeks of progress lost in only a few moments.

A groan escaped her lips as she thought of the repercussions.

She lay on her back, one hand draped over her eyes, the other clenching her stomach. The empty bag sat crumpled beside her, a reminder of her lack of self-control.

“Curse you M&M’s!” she whispered, even as she wished for just one more.

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