Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Dreaming

Well I missed last week because I had family visiting. But I made up for it today, and thought it was awesome that this week's and last week's prompts went together. So I ran with it and made them part of the same story.  Without further ado, here's my takes on the prompts.

Last week's prompt: As the dream faded, she chased it, forlorn

My story:

He stood a ways away, as he always did. The smile on his face as they grew near made her heart falter. They stopped just short of each other, as they always did.

“I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” He asked.

“I never know when, or if, I’ll see you again.”

“I know.” He said with a sad smile, reaching for her.

The air shimmered around them. “Not again!” she cried.

“I’m sorry!” He reached for her again, but everything went dark.

As the dream faded, she chased it, forlorn, longing for him in reality.

This week's prompt: The stranger before him looked exactly like the girl he'd dreamt about.

My story:

He walked down the crowded street, rubbing his eyes. Once he’d woken from the dream, he hadn’t been able to get back to sleep. He mumbled under his breath. Why had he reached for her? Every time they tried to touch, the dream disappeared, and so did she.

He was so distracted, he ran into someone. “I’m sorry!” he cried.

He gasped when he looked up. The stranger before him looked exactly like the girl he’d dreamed about. When he looked into her eyes, he could see her recognition. “At last!” he whispered, before pressing his lips firmly to hers.

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