Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Terrible News

It's Wednesday again! This post is coming to you late today, but it is here! This week, I'm transporting you back to 1808 in England. Enjoy!

The prompt: He held her close before telling her the terrible news

My story:

Fredrick’s heart pounded as he waited Mr. Gardner’s decision. The old man looked him over, clearly assessing him. Painful seconds ticked by. “No,” he said at last.

“But, sir,” Fredrick began. Gardner glared at him. “If you would please reconsider.”

“My answer is no, no amount of gutless begging will convince me to change my mind. Now get off my land.”

Fredrick snatched his hat and left with haste. He went to the garden where he knew Georgine waited. The hopeful look in her eyes crushed him. He held her close before telling her the terrible news. “He said no.”

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