Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Family History

Hey folks!! Sorry I've been a little AWOL these past few weeks. I really don't have much of an excuse. But I am getting back on track (if I don't, I'll owe Alison chocolate, and I really like chocolate, so I'd rather keep it all to myself.) So if you glance down the blog, you'll see three, that's right THREE, new stories this week. If anything, writing all these so quickly has helped me write without perfectionism. Without further ado:

The prompt: They say everyone who looks into their family history will find a secret sooner or later

My story:

They say everyone who looks into their family history will find a secret sooner or later. I never knew how a little research would change my life.

I had never known much about my mother, she’d died in my teens. Family history was my way of connecting with her and her family. It was fun, until I noticed the death date for my grandmother, exactly 38 years from her birth, just like my mom. The further I looked back, the clearer it became. The women in my family had an expiration date, and mine was less than five years away. 

I hope you enjoyed my story. Please go check out the other writer's awesome tales! And don't forget to scroll down to read my make-ups for the last two weeks.
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  1. ahhhh! That would be the creepiest. Oh I wonder what she'll do with those last years, and if she'll try to figure out a way to break what I'm guessing is a curse. Oh, I so want to read more of this idea.

  2. oooohh! Intriguing! I want more of this! awesome idea!