Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Scared child

It's your favorite day of the week everyone! It's Wednesday!! Why keep you waiting.

This week's prompt: He hadn't meant to scare the child,

My story:

He hadn’t meant to scare the child, but it happened more often than he would care to admit. The little girl sat curled in the corner, wailing for the return of her mother. He was only doing his job, a job he detested, but relied on. What he wouldn’t give for a normal job; one without the risk of injury, threats, and bodily fluids.

As he got into the tiny car everyone found so humorous, he tore off the large rubber shoes, red nose and rainbow wig.
One thing he knew, being a clown isn’t as funny as it looks.

I had to take a funny turn on it, because it could have easily been a downer prompt. I hope you liked it! Make sure you check out everyone else's stories too:

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  1. Funny how some people love clowns, but they are so scary to others. Poor guy. Hope he has a better normal life outside his job.