Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday : Fire getting closer

Oh. My. Goodness. Some days, these things are so hard for me to get my head around. This week's really had me struggling. My brain just wouldn't cooperate with me. But it was fun and worked out in the end. :) This week's is my first attempt at a retold fairy tale. 

This week's prompt: "The fire was getting closer."

My story:

He was angry.

I’d heard his roars before, but this was different. I could feel the heat of his anger in the floorboards. I cracked the door open and heat hit my face. Fire consumed the lower floor and was getting closer. And there, in a pile by the door, lay what must be my prince. He was still breathing, but clearly in no position to rescue me.

I took his sword and shield before lowering him to safety.

It was finally time to face the dragon.

This was the last day Rapunzel would be called a damsel in distress.

And as a BONUS, I talked my sister into joining in the fun this week. 

Erin's story:

The door behind me was the only exit that it wasn’t blocking. What worried me more was what may lie on the other side of that door. No one in the whole summer camp had ever been brave enough to go in that room. Not after all the stories they’d heard. The fire was getting even closer now, my options slimming. I had to do it. 

Quickly, I opened the door and ran inside the room, suddenly encased in darkness. I couldn’t see the fire now. I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, I heard a soft click like metal. Then an eerie, scratchy voice said, “Ooh, look Chuck. We have company.”

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this week's installment. Let me know what you think in the comments, and of course, check out the other responses to this week's prompt.

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  1. Dragon for the win! Er, I mean Rapunzel. Okay, I'm torn, but I really did enjoy it. It is a good retelling. Your sister's is very intriguing to. It leaves you wondering what she has walked into.