Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday : Spare some change

Here we are, Wednesday already. It sure comes around quick!

This week's prompt: Spare some change please?

My story:

It happened before she could even reach out a hand to stop it. There was no going back now, she would have to comply. That or face the music, the music that sounded more like a tortured soul, screaming and clawing at every inch of her. She sighed reluctantly, rummaged for the necessary payment and froze when she realized she was short. She glanced around, tempted to ask a stranger for assistance.

A solitary customer walked by, scorn on his face.

So she would endure the screaming.

She reached for her toddler, seated on the grocery store ride.

The wailing began.

This week's story was inspired by my own little toddler. We almost had a fit in the mall last week over some of these rides. Luckily, he held it together. :) Make sure you check out everyone else's stories! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That was absolutely awesome. Didn't expect the ending and was pleasantly surprised at the reveal. So cute.

  2. That was fantastic. I wasn't expecting it either, and I can totally see it happening just like that. Nice!

  3. Liked the ending! I always feel for moms when I see that happen. :)

  4. I totally think all moms have been there at least once. :)