Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Just one night

Here we are again. Another WonHundred Word Wednesday! This week, I'm taking you back in time to the year 1820 in England.

The prompt: It was just for one night.

My story:

Emiline anxiously entered the ballroom. She saw him instantly. He smiled at her, sending her heart racing. She drew in a breath, steadying herself. This would be more difficult than she imagined. But his future and her reputation depended on his believing she had changed her mind.

No matter that his grandfather coerced her into this scheme.

No matter that her feelings remained firm.

No matter that her heart was irrevocably his.

For tonight, she must not love him. Tomorrow he would leave for London, and she would be left with her broken heart. Drawing her courage, she approached him.

I hope you liked it and I love to read your comments. (I believe the settings are fixed so anyone can comment now, if you still can't comment, send me an email and I'll try again.) As always, make sure you check out the other's take on this prompt. They are always fantastic!

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  1. Yes, I loved it. I'm so sad for her!

  2. Love it! I seriously need to read it in book version :D

  3. Great job! I loved the imagery. I was there. :)

  4. Loved it! Great imagery! I felt for her.