Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Interruption

It's Wednesday, everyone! Celebrate with me by reading some awesome 100 word stories today. This one is dedicated to my mom, who helped inspire me. 

The prompt: The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming

My Story:

Whoever had decided to hold our yearly training outside in July was clearly insane. It wasn’t my fault I had yawned, but my boss’ normally red face turned bright scarlet, and his voice rang clearly across the park. It was then that I saw the large spider on his collar. 

The urge to interrupt him before he had finished his tirade was overwhelming, yet I waited, watching the spider inch its way onto his neck. Its long hairy legs scuttled into his ear. I cringed, and his yelling increased. 

Maybe I wouldn't tell him about his new fuzzy friend after all.

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  1. Ugggh. Spiders. I wouldn't stand nearly so patiently. Lovely image though.

  2. Oh. My. Heck. this one had me cringing all the way through! (Excuse me while I go dig at my ears for a while) - Great description!