Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No-No Na-No Progress

So it's been two weeks since I updated. Sorry readers! But I have great news about my progress! I have been terribly inconsistent with my day to day writing. But I have had some great writing sessions and have cranked out 30,704 words! By the end of today I need to be at 34,000 words, so I'm a little behind, but not bad at all!

On my first project, the contemporary romance, I'm almost finished with it. I have less than one chapter left and I think i can wrap in up if I put in a good solid hour or two. I'm not going to lie, right now, it's not great, and needs a lot of work, but being finished with a first draft is a long way from where I was three weeks ago! The plot point that I changed has altered the story a lot from what I originally planed, but I like where's it gone, and it's made the book more believable for the modern setting. I'm so excited to finish it!

A few days ago, I got a little tired of that book though. I was a little stuck and needed a break, so I started on a new Regency Era romance. This one will just be a short story/novella kind of a thing, at least that's the plan for now. I'm hoping to release it before I publish Circumstance so that I can let you guys get a taste for my Regency writing style. We'll see how that goes. One thing I've learned is that in writing, plans change! But I'm enjoying this little story, it's a fun twist to your typical romance and has a flirtatious rake of a man in it! He's fun to write! Anyway, once I'm done with Project One, I'll be tackling Project Two full time and hopefully have it finished up by the end of the month too!

If you're participating in a Na-No of some kind, or have other writing goals, I hope you're accomplishing them and making good progress on your projects!
Let's get writing!

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