Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No-No Na-No and First Week's Progress

Hello world!
For those who don't know, the month of November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNo WriMo for short, or NaNo for shorter. To be an actual particiapant in NaNo WriMo, you have to write 50,000 words in the month of Noevember. The thing is, you can't have started the book before November 1st. You can do plot planning and outlining, but you can't have started your novel in order to be officially qualified. Also, your 50,000 words all have to be in one book.

Now, my main problem is that when I'm not actively working on getting a specific book finished, I write what I feel like writing. At any given time, I have at least 2 possible book ideas floating around in my head. So I just write out a scene or two to get my thoughts out and because I love to write! But unfortunately, that means that I have scenes written from many of the stories that I plan to write, which disqualifies each of those stories from NaNo. The book I wanted to finish now is about halfway done, and definitely does not have 50,000 words left to write, so that double disqualified me. But while I'm making some decisions about Circumstance, I wanted a goal to set, and wanted to try NaNo. Well, there are NaNo Rebel groups and such out there, but this year I decided to join with Tristi Pinkston in her No-No NaNo Challenge. (See the original post here.) Her rules are simple, write 50,000 words in the month of November, but they can be in a book you have already started and can be in up to three books. Perfect! I am really excited to accomplish this goal!

The first week has gone by, and it has been rough! The book I am working on is a contemporary romance novel, and its one I have had a lot of fun writing so far, and I've been enjoyig the modern setting. Well, the main plot point of my book didnt really fit with a contemporary setting, it actually felt pretty Regency. I have so many fun little moments written already though that dont fit into Regency times. So then I had a decision to make, try to find a plot point that works with my story and keep it contemporary, or rewrite the whole thing (43,000 + words as of November 1st) and make it Regency. After many hours of thoughts and discussions with my mom and husband, we came up with something that worked for the setting I had it in, but I would have to make several changes throughout the novel and delete several long passages. Needless to say, that took up the first few days, and it felt a lot more like editing than writting, which was not so fun. But last night, I hit several sections where I got to write lots and lots of new prose! It was so fun that I ended up staying up till 4 AM writing! I wont be doing that again tonight, but it felt great to get so much writing done. As of yesterday morning, I had only 3,000 words written, not a good start for being 5 days in. But after last night's writing extravaganza, I have 9,171 words! Yay! I'm only about one day behind now, and I feel much more on track.
If you are doing some form of NaNo, I wish you luck! Let's get writing!

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