Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday: Double Dose!

Good day, dear readers. Today is Wednesday, and since I was off having fun on vacation last week, today you get a double dose of WonHundred Word Wednesday. Without further ado:

This week's prompt: My heart pounded wildly

My Story

My hands started to shake, I clenched them into sweaty fists to calm them, but to no avail. Unsure how long my rubbery legs would hold me, I knelt. My heart pounded wildly, threatening to break my ribs. My eyes and throat burned from holding back the tears, though try as I did, one escaped. My ears rang, full of the sounds around me, unable to process them fully. My mind fought hard against what it knew I had to do. But I had to do it. I stood precariously, took what felt like my last breath, and stepped forward.

Last week's prompt: He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching.

My Story

He hadn't seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching. Usually the first day of school was a little hectic, but this… this was pure chaos. He stood at the front of the room, completely ignored by the chatting, texting, Facebooking hoard in front of him.
Over the sound of dismissive teens he heard it. A fire drill? On the first day of school? He listened closely, then snapped to attention… in his bed. He looked around for the sound. The alarm he forgot to turn off. He sighed with relief, snuggling back into the sheets. He still had three months of summer.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! As always, make sure you read everyone else's stories. The variety is awesome!

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  1. I'm dying to know what happens next in the first one! And that poor teacher definitely needs those three months to relax. :)

  2. I enjoyed both of these! I really loved the teacher one. I'd be grateful for summer too. :)

  3. Haahaahaa, teacher dream. Love it.

  4. Loved how the teacher was dreaming. 3 months of summer means he's having nightmares of teaching just when it got out. Sounds traumatizing. ;) also, the other prompt with the Heart Pounding wildly was well done. My imagination has been sparked and I can totally take that where I want to now. Thanks!