Friday, October 19, 2012

Confession of a cautious reader

I love to read. Plain and simple as that. I love it! If given the chance, I can read for hours at a time. I love getting sucked into a book and becoming captivated by another time and place. Reading is how I relax, reading makes me content. Other than writing, reading is how I bring myself out of any bad mood. I love so many genres too, mystery, romance, sci-fi, suspense, fantasy, you name it. I LOVE to read!
And then there's the confession. As much as I love to read, I really haven't read that much in the last several months. And here's why. I hate spending lots of time at the library, looking over dozens of books, finding one that sounds amazing, only to get into it and discover all the things I don't want to read. Offensive language, extreme violence, explicit "bedroom" scenes, all that lovely stuff.  An example, I found a book that was a modern twist on a Jane Austen story. I love Austen, so I was excited for an easy, fun read relating to something I loved so much.  My excitement was short lived.  Within the first three pages, I was offended multiple times. So I scanned the next five to see if it was a fluke or if it would be a trend throughout the story, and it clearly was. I sadly put the book down. Worst of all, I was on a trip, and it was the only book I had brought to read. I was really upset about it.  While I don't like reading the offensive stuff, I can understand why writers put it in from time to time; it can add authenticity to a story. I'm not even the type who insists on a super, squeaky clean book, just a mostly clean book. Think PG-PG13 rating. However, the language this author had put in was extreme and rather pointless, which was just frustrating.
And that, my readers, is why I haven't read much lately. I simply don't know what to read and I don't like to be surprised by unpleasant things. My one aid in this struggle has been Goodreads. If you like reading, you will love Goodreads! You find your friends, they rate what they've read and you can see what they have liked. There are many other perks as well, I love it! I highly recommend joining if you love to read like me. It's free, easy to sign up for and easy to figure out. I'll even give you the link to the website:
What about you? What clean books have you read lately that you couldn't put down? I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. Wow, that is so exciting that you are writing a book! I love to read, too. My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, Jason Wright, and Jennifer Chiaverini (Elm Creek Quilts series).

  2. I just barely (like, two seconds ago barely) finished a Rachel Ann Nunes book. It's the second in a series about a woman name Autumn who can read emotional imprints on objects. Anywho, they're very safely lovey, and have just enough action to make them super compelling without making me afraid the main character is going to die on the next page. Just my type(0: I think the first one is called Imprints. Also, try for reading previews on some books. Might be helpful? You rock(0: Ttfn beautiful!

  3. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your comments! I'll look into those authors for sure! I do love that on Amazon you can preview some books. I think that definitely helps you get a feel for the book. Thanks for reading!